Answering An Eternal Question: Does Homework Help?

Involved in their teachers’ subject matter to one degree or other, students sit in class after class, day after day. There hovers that suspicion that one’s brain has endured enough teaching or instruction for the time being.

That’s very likely the case, however…

Your Mind - More than Just a Locker for Spare Data

Information taken in requires more than just a static compartment to store it in. Unless you plan on wasting all your class and instruction time, those seeds of knowledge cannot just lay around. Those bits of data lose life as other, newer information crowds them out.

Teaching, as vital a gift as that is, is but a one-way street; teacher to student. Learning, on the other hand, requires a two-way thoroughfare, most of the lanes on the students’ side! The teacher teaches, the student receives knowledge, the seeds are planted and those seeds of information either flourish, or die. It’s really up to you.

Care a Little

A seed fallen on rich, fertile soil, receiving sufficient moisture and warmth, will grow and become strong and, often, spread out. A modicum of care is all that’s required. But, let that same seed fall on that same rich, fertile soil, yet where no moisture or warmth are provided, and it will die. Just a little bit of care would have made all the difference.

What you turn your attention to grows!

When your rich, fertile mind is planted with information, a little attention to it on a regular basis goes a long, long way to giving that instruction a life of it’s own. It grows sure and strong, leading to an abundant yield of knowledge at your disposal. Like it or not, homework - a little regular attention to that seed of information - is just the life-giving moisture and warmth it needs.

Whether assigned or not, looking back over what was taught in your classes during that day - perhaps more than just a cursory glance - is where the actual learning begins. Your teachers can only instruct, planting those seeds of knowledge. You, on the other hand, have the responsibility to tend what is planted - to learn.

Homework (when applied with a smile) Will Help You...

  • Gauge your level of expertise in your subject matter
  • Discover where you’d like to gain a better understanding
  • Practice, practice, practice makes (more) perfect!
  • Go ahead - expand on what’s presented to you…

There’s always so much more to learn!

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