College Algebra Homework Help: 5 Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

When it comes to doing any Math homework, many students will struggle, this is particular case when it comes to algebra as people, even those with mathematical minds, can sometimes struggle with the concept of replacing numbers with letters. The following provide some interesting tips and tricks that you may not learn about algebra, and how it may assist with your homework.

  1. An easy way to work out squared numbers
  2. One interesting tip is to look at how to work out squared numbers easily. We are often taught at a young age that to multiply a whole number by 10 you simply add a zero on the end. Therefore, finding the square of the number that ends in a zero is often quite easy. For example 10 squared equals 100. Thirty equals 3 multiplied by ten. So thirty squared equals 3 x 3 x 10 x 10 = 900.

    Supposing you wanted to work out what 33 squared was, an easy way is to take the nearest multiple of 10 (which is 30). You then square 30, which is easy to work out, and equals 900. You then take the original number (33) and add it to the multiple of ten that you just squared (30) and add both these numbers together, which equals 63. You then take those two numbers and subtract the larger one from the smaller one, 33 – 30 = 3. Now multiply 3 by 63, which equals 189. Finally, add 189 to 900 (thirty squared). So, 189 + 900 = 1089. This number, 1089, is equal to 33 squared.

    In algebra, if x = the original number and y = the nearest multiple of 10, then this can be written as

    X2 = y2 + (x+y)(x-y)

    The formula works whether or not y is a multiple of ten; however, it makes it easier to work out in your head if this is the case.

  3. Another easy way to multiple numbers
  4. Again, using squared numbers and multiples of ten (to make it easier to do in your head). We know that 30 squared = 900. If we wanted to work out 32 x 28, then there is a tip you can use. 32 and 28 are both 2 units higher or lower than thirty. If you take 30 squared and minus two squared, this will be the same as 32 x 28. The algebraic formula is as follows:

    X2 = (x+y)(x-y)

  5. Keep a list of common equations handy
  6. Whenever you learn common equations, it is a good idea to write them down. While you are doing homework you can have this list of commonly used equations handy, which will save you time rather than having to look each one up.

  7. Use online sources for extra help
  8. If you are stuck on a particular algebraic equation then you may wish to see whether or not you get an answer if you posted directly into a search engine - sometimes these answers will be posted is the first response. Alternatively, you can look on forums, questions and answer websites, or even social media to find relevant Math enthusiasts who are willing to help.

  9. Pay someone to do the work
  10. If you are still struggling then you can actually pay people to do the homework for you. You may not have realised that there are many companies out there offering services to do all kinds of academic work for students, from simples algebra homework, all the way up to major math dissertations and doctoral theses.

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