Basic Steps To Completing Your Assignments Successfully: Advice From An Expert

If you want to start completing your assignments successfully, then look over these basic steps.

Brainstorming is a key starting point when writing any paper. It is important to get your thoughts, good, bad, and ugly, all down on paper before you try and start writing. Do not force yourself to make that decision in your head before you start writing. Instead, take time to write down everything you have mind on a piece of paper, in no real order. Seeing them all on paper will make it easier for you to critically review them and see where else you want to focus your reading and your note taking.

Before you start the writing process, take some time to break down your ideas and then build them up again. To do this:

  • Start by breaking down your title and your instructions into the main parts and what ways you need to address them. Work with these components or various parts as you are reading, to make the most relevant notes. Build up the argument with the material you have collected and start putting it in order. Then present and discuss it and format it into a coherent argument. During this process, remember that your topic instructions and title are immovable. It is where you start and it is where you end. Everything that is contained in between that should be related to your title.
  • Read efficiently as you conduct background research. When you start your research, you need to make sure you read efficiently. If you do not, then you will end up wasting a great deal of time that could otherwise be put to good use. Do not spend unnecessary time on less relevant or irrelevant material than you need to. Look for intelligent sources that relate directly to your topic. As you read these sources, do so with purpose. The same way you are supposed to read over questions to a test before you read the assigned paragraph, you should review the questions you want to answer in your essay before you start reading sources. Doing this will let you look out for relevant material only, rather than wasting time looking at material that does not matter or relate as well.
  • Take notes systematically as you conduct your research. This will enable you to record material that is most relevant to your topic.

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