Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful-An Interesting Point Of View

This question has been an ongoing issue to parents and the educational department for quite some time. The funny thing about the subject is it only has to do with the students. Anyone can understand why parents want to have some say in the matter. This subject matter effects different people for different reasons. People that are not affected by the situation may think of this as a small problem. In all reality it has become a serious issue between any people that the education world touches. This article will bring to the table an interesting point of view on this matter. Is homework harmful or helpful?

  1. The argument can go on forever. There should be some type of reasoning that gives something to both sides. Getting some satisfaction is better than none. Homework was first given out to teach students valuable work habits that can be used all their lives. The situation is that it never really stops. Students do this work through their entire educational experience.
  2. Education is very important in the world today. The job market has become very competitive in every area. We cannot take learning for granted any longer. The United States used to be in the top five per cent of the competitive countries. We have dropped considerably in every area of study. Something has to improve or we will find ourselves in a bad way.
  3. It has been mentioned that we should put some type of cap on the work load students are responsible for. The idea of the lower grades studying for a certain amount of time not amount makes sense. This is saying the younger classes study for a period of ten minutes a night. The time goes up as they move up in grade. The top college grades maxes out at two and half hours. This way the time matches the importance of the study.
  4. Too much work load can cause unneeded stress. Students today have much more to deal with then in the past. The need to work to survive can affect their performance in the classroom. Parents that are close to their children see firsthand what the load of extra work does to them. Does doing this work actually help in the level of learning? Can trying to cram work from several different subjects confuse the student? Most people’s opinion that counts believe that it is too much. It will always be a problem unless there is a happy medium.

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