How To Help Your Kid Complete First Grade Homework

Procrastination gets the best of everybody but one easy way to thwart procrastination is to create a work schedule. A work schedule should lay out the exact tasks which are to be completed in a specific day. This work schedule should list what must be done by what time and it should list things in order of importance. You want to have the most important tasks completed first. This will help students to stay motivated. Many students are under the false impression that they should complete the easiest tasks first so that they are out-of-the-way. Beginning with the most important tasks is actually better for overall success because the brain is at its highest level of focus at the start of a homework session which means the most important tasks should be completed first freeing up a great deal of stress.

  • If you have younger students who are trying to finish their homework it is important that as a parent you remain nearby. Should not provide answers for your children but being nearby allows them the peace of mind that if they have any questions you are right there to answer them.
  • It important for your kids to have a short snack before starting homework. No matter when your homework session is having a snack and drinking water beforehand will help to improve focus. Nothing interrupts focus more than the constant desire for a snack.
  • Set a timer so that they know exactly how long they need to focus. This is important because if no timer is set they may feel stressed, as though their homework session never ends.
  • Another thing you want to do is create a special work place for your child. Children work better if they have a specific work place where they can focus only on the tasks at hand. This should be a place removed of any distractions. Distractions can range from the television on in the other room to parents taking a phone call in the middle of their homework session. Removing distractions will help children to finish their work faster.
  • Make sure students are not forced to sit if they are feeling antsy. You can allow them to get up and walk around while reading if that is what they prefer. This may help to stimulate their focus and creativity, especially for younger students.

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