5 Tips For Parents: Getting Your Kids To Do Homework

For most parents, getting kids to do homework can be a thankless task. Quite often, the last thing children want to do when they get home from school is more academic work, particularly when there are far more interesting things to do, such as watch the TV or play computer games. The list below gives some good ideas and tips on how to get children to settle down and do the work.

  1. Offer rewards or incentives to do the work
  2. One of the most effective ways is to simply offer rewards or incentives for when the work is done. Essentially, it is bit like bribing a child to do the work. Basically, the child has the hardship of having to do the work but gets something that they want at the end of it, which helps to make it worthwhile in their mind.

  3. Use punishments when the work isn’t done
  4. The alternative to using rewards and incentives is to use punishments as a deterrent for not doing the work. For example, you may wish to ground them or prevent them from watching their favourite TV shows or playing on computer games until the work is done.

  5. Help your children with the work
  6. By getting involved with your child whilst they are doing the work, it can be a great bonding experience, as well as enabling you to show them the fun side of doing the work. Essentially, if you can convince the child that doing homework isn’t such a bad thing then they are more likely to be willing to get the work done without any fuss.

  7. Set regular routines
  8. One of the most effective ways of ensuring children do their homework is by setting routines. For example, it may be that time is set aside for them to do the work after getting back from school and before you eat an evening meal. The structure of a routine helps to ensure that children get the work done when it is supposed to be done.

  9. Don’t take their word for it
  10. Finally, it is also worth bearing in mind that you shouldn’t take your child’s word for it when the say the work is done Even if they say they have done the work, they may be deceiving you so as to carry on doing whatever else it is that they are doing. Therefore, you should always check the work that they have done.

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