Why Teachers Should Assign Homework And How To Deal With It

There is perhaps an elite group of students who not only relish every moment at school, they see homework as a treat that makes life just a bit more wonderful. This is obviously quite rare and the majority of students think of homework as some type of punishment. With this in mind it can be easy to start wondering why homework even exists to begin with. There are almost infinite ways to learn anything, why choose the least enjoyable? Here are just a few of the reasons that assignments continue to exist:

It helps students to refresh what they learned in school

If school work isn’t practiced soon after being taught, it is all too simple for it to leak out of the working or short term memory as if it was never there. Memories decay quite rapidly if not in use so homework is integral to transferring the concepts into long term memory where they can always be accessed.

It helps identify weakness in an environment where consequences are minor

It is common to assume you know and understand something especially if you are overconfident. Without practice at home you can harbour misconceptions about your academic abilities that don’t get shattered until you’re in an exam.

It keeps you out of trouble

Some students need this less than others but the fact remains, there are many things that can go wrong when students have too much free time.

So, seeing as homework has a purpose and isn’t about to go anywhere, here are some methods to deal with it:

Start a study group that also works on assignments

A group that encourages each other to do school work will progress through assignments quickly and become better at a faster rate than average.

Keep a schedule

By making note of when you will be doing your assignments each day, you will become more accustomed to doing them. As a habit, you will find yourself doing homework without thinking of it consciously.

Give yourself a treat

If you find it hard to motivate yourself, give yourself a reward each time you get to the end of the work you were assigned. It might be a favourite snack or even access to a particular game. Depending on your tastes different things will appeal to you.

Your homework gets easier if you do it regularly and if you’re diligent, you may one day even enjoy it just a bit.

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