How To Make Homework Fun: 8 Suggestions From Those Who've Been There

Homework is something that we are just not going to get away from, so if there is a way that we can make it both interesting and fun it can only be a good thing. Try a few of these suggestions they may just work for you.

  1. Decide what place is the best for you to work in. Some people work best when there is silence others prefer to work in a library where there is a gentle back ground noise and others find they can concentrate better when they have favourite music playing.
  2. Before you even start your work, see if you can break it down into sections. By doing this you can plan your work and your break times. Be realistic do you really want to sit down to do homework after sitting in a classroom all day?
  3. Once you have broken your work into sections, decide how many sections or goals that you will complete before you need a break. When you take a break, how are you going to reward yourself? Ideally do not take your break with your work still in front of you.
  4. Breaks should mean rewards. Make sure the rewards you choose are your rewards nor someone else’s. Have a list of rewards that can vary from your favourite candy bar to meeting some friends, going to the gym or just chilling out.
  5. Homework can be fun if you work with a friend. You can bounce ideas off each other and at the same times enjoy each other’s company. A few laughs will soon help lighten the load and you may find that you both work more efficiently and resourcefully.
  6. If the instructions gives you choices, choose an option that interests you but you may not know much about it. This gives you chance to explore a new concept that will increase your knowledge and your chances of a good grade.
  7. If the work you have to do has a practical option then use this to your advantage and choose an original angle that is not only more interesting it will show your creativity and ability to think outside of the box.
  8. Change your cognition. Try not to see homework as a chore, use it as an investment, the more effort you put into your homework the less time you will have to spend on revision. Use it to your advantage.

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